I am currently a Software Engineer at Facebook. Recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Masters in Computer Science with a focus on distributed and secure systems, where I did research in the SecLab (Shellphish). Prior to that I graduated with a bachelors degree from Penn State University in CS.

Experiences, Interests and Achievements

Internships & Projects

I've worked on several projects over the last few years alongside wonderful people. At SAP. I fell in love with OS intricacies and like doing DevOps work whenever I can.


I've been both a participant and a judge at hackathons. Pariticipated and won CodePSU 2016, TCS IT Whiz and Indian Scouts Governers award. I've been closely following Code.org and contribute to open source communities.


I like to travel and learn new things. I like exploring security vulnerabilities and aim to make the world of software a little more robust. I also enjoy building things, and I've been exploring custom keyboards as well as learning how to play the Ukulele.


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